Jun 10 – 14, 2024
Hotel Histrion
Europe/Ljubljana timezone

This is the third annual conference of Complex Analysis, Geometry, and Dynamics. The goal is to bring together leading researchers worldwide in these fields, with the aim of enhanced future collaboration. These fields are strongly interrelated, and in order to be able to solve deep challenging problems it is becoming necessary to pursue synergies among them to a bigger degree than in the past.


  • Holomorphic approximation theory

  • L2 techniques, plurisubharmonic functions, complex pluripotential theory

  • Complex dynamics of one and several vairables

  • Flexibility versus rigidity in complex geometry

  • Cauchy-Riemann geometry

  • Monge-Ampėre equations and Kähler manifolds

There have been major recent advances in all these topics which the speakers will report on. It is becoming increasingly evident that a deeper level of cooperation will be needed for further progress.

Scientific Committee: Peter Ebenfelt, Franc Forstnerič, Nikolay Shcherbina.

Organizing Committee: Luka Boc Thaler, Barbara Drinovec Drnovšek, Riccardo Ugolini, Andrej Svetina.

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