Jun 5 – 9, 2023
Hotel Histrion
Europe/Ljubljana timezone


Alexander Tumanov - Second jet determination for CR mappings

Bernhard Lamel - Finite jet determination of non-collapsing holomorphic maps

Duc-Viet Vu - Bergman functions associated to measures on totally real submanifolds

Eleonora Di Nezza - Monge-Ampère energies

Erlend Fornæss Wold - Oka properties of complements of closed convex sets in C^n

Gian-Maria Dall'Ara - Sharp subelliptic estimates for the dbar-Neumann problem

Hervé Gaussier - Metric properties and geometry of domains in C^d

Jasmin Raissy - Spiralling Domains in Dimension 2

Jun-Muk Hwang - Formal principle with convergence for rational curves

Kirill Lazebnik - A Geometric approach to Polynomial and Rational Approximation

Kyle Broder - The Schwarz Lemma in Kähler and Non-Kähler Geometry

Laurent Stolovitch - Classification of reversible parabolic diffeomorphisms of (C^2,0) and of exceptional hyperbolic CR-singularities

Leandro Arosio - A Julia-Wolff-Carathéodory theorem in convex domains of finite type

Lorena López Hernanz - A flower theorem in dimension two

Sayani Bera - On non-autonomous attracting basins

Sean Curry - Obstruction Flat Rigidity of the CR 3-sphere

Sławomir Kołodziej - Complex Hessian equations and their applications

Tuyen Trung Truong - Backtracking New Q-Newton's method: finding roots and optimization

Vincent Guedj - Positivity of Kähler-Einstein currents

Xiaojun Huang - Bergman metric as a pull-back of the Fubini-Study metric

Yuta Kusakabe - Gromov ellipticity in complex analytic geometry and algebraic geometry