Sep 11 – 15, 2022
Maribor, Slovenia
CET timezone

List of talks and abstracts

List of abstracts

The PDF file with the abstracts is available here. Below you can find the titles of the participant's talks.

Invited talks

  • Pointwise vs. Setwise Stabilizers (László Babai)

  • Gallai's path decomposition conjecture (Marthe Bonamy)

  • Searching Posets: from dichotomy to the golden ratio (Paul Dorbec)

  • Transversals in 6-uniform hypergraphs: A proof of the Tuza-Vestergaard Conjecture (Michael A. Henning)

  • The Imperial Ruler (Andreas M. Hinz)

  • Never trust a partial cube: an ode to the Desargues graph (Kolja Knauer)

  • Q-ary generalizations of set intersection and extremal graph theoretic problems (Balázs Patkós)

  • On well-dominated product graphs (Douglas Rall)

  • Distinguishing graph vertices by coloring the edges - palettes, automorphisms, local irregularity (Mariusz Woźniak)

  • Metric dimension in graphs: from distance vectors to distance multisets (Ismael G. Yero)

  • List coloring of planar graphs (Xuding Zhu)

Contributed talks

  • More on the graph pebbling (Saeid Alikhani)

  • On Hosoya’s dormants and sprouts (Salem Al-Yakoob)

  • Connected domination in random graphs (Gábor Bacsó)

  • Domination in Catacondensed Hexagonal Systems (Sergio Bermudo)

  • List covering of regular multigraphs (Jan Bok)

  • Maturity models and knowledge spaces I - Modeling with partial cubes (Drago Bokal)

  • Even cycle decompositions of index 3 in 4-regular graphs (Simona Bonvicini)

  • Grundy domination and zero forcing in regular graphs (Simon Brezovnik)

  • Domination game with shifts on caterpillars (Csilla Bujtás)

  • On three domination-based identification problems in block graphs (Dipayan Chakraborty)

  • Distance measures in graphs of girth 6 (Peter Dankelmann)

  • Thresholds for monochromatic clique transversal game (Pakanun Dokyeesun)

  • b-coloring of regular graphs (Hanna Furmańczyk)

  • Hamiltonicity and matchings in quartic graphs... the case of accordion graphs (John Baptist Gauci)

  • On the super domination number of a graph (Nima Ghanbari)

  • Paired domination in trees (Aleksandra Gorzkowska)

  • On the cyclomatic number and (edge, mixed) metric dimension of connected graphs (Anni Hakanen)

  • Efficient checking of diagram commutativity (Richard Hammack)

  • Relations of Wiener Index and (Revised) Szeged Index on Cacti (Stefan Hammer)

  • The game of cops and robber on geodesic spaces (Vesna Iršič)

  • Min orderings and list homomorphism dichotomies for signed graphs (Nikola Jedliková)

  • Maturity models and knowledge spaces II - Maturity model crossing minimization (Janja Jerebic)

  • Majority Edge-Colorings of Graphs (Rafał Kalinowski)

  • On Some Metric Properties of Direct-co-direct Product (Aleksander Kelenc)

  • Coloring directed hypergraphs (Balázs Keszegh)

  • General position sets and visibility sets (Sandi Klavžar)

  • Graphs with a unique maximum independent set up to automorphisms (Elżbieta Kleszcz)

  • Domination sets in regular graphs (Martin Knor)

  • The language of self-avoiding walks (Christian Lindorfer)

  • Coloring Vertices with Neighborhood Constraints (Borut Lužar)

  • Characterising 3-polytopes of radius one with unique realisation (Riccardo W. Maffucci)

  • On compression schemes in hypercubes (Tilen Marc)

  • Paired and semipaired domination in near-triangulations (Mercè Mora)

  • Some topological indices and the golden ratio (Nasim Nemati)

  • Stern’s diatomic sequence and two classes of 1-2 rooted trees (Daniele Parisse)

  • On Distance and Strong Metric Dimension of Modular Product (Iztok Peterin)

  • On emulational equivalence of combinatorial games and the game Hackenforb (Danijela Popović)

  • On a Problem of Steinhaus (Jakub Przybyło)

  • Metric coordinates in graphs (María Luz Puertas)

  • Computing and storing M-Polynomials of (planar) graphs (Gašper Domen Romih)

  • Special lattices of orthogonal projectors (Lorenzo Sauras-Altuzarra)

  • Approximating energy of wine glass cycles and paths (Dragan Stevanović)

  • The Odd Coloring (Riste Škrekovski)

  • The competition-independence game with prevention (Daša Štesl)

  • Injective coloring of planar graphs with maximum degree 4 (Kenny Štorgel)

  • Keeping the safety distance (Andrej Taranenko)

  • Decompositions of uniform hypergraphs into tight cycles (Zsolt Tuza)

  • Resonant graphs of catacondensed coronoids (Aleksander Vesel)

  • Constructing sparsest ℓ-hamiltonian saturated k-uniform hypergraphs (Andrzej Żak)

  • Molecular descriptors of heteratomic and multiple bonds molecules (Petra Žigert Pleteršek)