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The paper presents a comparison of two most popular Machine Translation paradigms for translation between related languages. Two language pairs on three different translation platforms were observed in the experiment. One pair represents really very close languages (Czech and Slovak), the other pair are slightly less similar languages (Slovenian and Croatian). The comparison is performed by means ... More
The aim of our study was to show that acoustic data are suitable for seabed mapping. We developed a methodology, which includes all the necessary steps from data acquisition to seabed classification. Mapping of the seabed can be done visually, mechanically or acoustically. All visual methods (divers, video recording, photography) and mechanical methods (in-situ sampling) are slow and require a ... More
The paper presents an anonymous messaging system based on mesh networking. It provides an overview of wireless technologies, and a comparison between them, for the purpose of implementing the messaging system. The article describes also some algorithms for data transfer. The article also shows the results and measurements of a pilot implementation of the proposed architecture in a mobile applicati ... More
This research is focused on application of methods of matrix factorization in blind source separation i.e. discovering meaningful connections or subsets of variables in a large amount of data (measurements) with originally big number of observed variables (parameters). Every meaningful subset of such variables can be treated as a blind source. This is useful in situations where a smaller number of ... More
A map is an embedding of a (finite) graph into a (compact) surface. We may imagine a map as a graph G drawn on a surface such that no pair of edges of G intersects. Many questions in science reduced to problems which can be formulated in the language of theory of maps: just to mention, solutions of differential equations in particle physics, shapes of molecules in chemistry and many others. As fol ... More
Boolean bent functions are a fascinating topic in Discrete Mathematics because there are many connections with other fields of mathematics. For example, bent functions are related to the covering radius problem of the first order Reed Muller code, they give symmetric designs and Hadamard matrices as well as strongly regular graphs. Some of theses connections will be described in my talk. A little ... More
I will briefly survey joint results with Leonid Khachiyan, Endre Boros, Khaled Elbassioni, and Kazuhisa Makino on the complexity of generation (also called enumeration) problems. Several examples: 1. Generating all negative cycles of a graph is intractable. Furthermore, it can be reduced from enumerating all vertices of a polyhedron given by linear inequalities. Thus, the latter problem is ... More
Covering techniques play an important role not only in mathematics, but also in other areas, especially in those dealing with representation and analysis of large structural objects. One of the key properties of graph coverings is that all the information about a (usually) large covering graph can be encoded combinatorially in terms of voltages assigned to directed edges of a (relatively) small ba ... More
With different digital devices (personal computers, cameras, tablets, smart phones) and services (Facebook, Flickr, Twitter), personal information management has become more challenging than ever before. At first digital technologies bring several advantages (taking a photo takes just a few seconds, copying information is simple, sharing as well). However, in the long run the future of information ... More
The document management systems were originally intended only for the storage and rapid access to documents. With the development of information technology document management systems evolved into a complex architecture closely related subsystems. Standard architecture of document system embeds modules for: • storing documents in optimized databases • processing and analysis of text and c ... More
Electromyography (EMG) signal from human trunk is often contaminated with electrocardiographic (ECG) noise (ECG artefacts), which originates from the activity of the heart muscle. ECG artefacts must be properly removed from the EMG signal, before it is further processed. Many methods for ECG artefacts removal from the EMG signal were proposed in the past. However, all these methods have limitation ... More
We present implementation of navigational devices in application for viewing 3-d medical images obtained with CT scan. Those devices are Leap Motion - device which detects the movement of user hand in space and allows user to interact with computer with touch-less interface. And Connexion SpaceNavigator 3-d Mouse which is frequently used in 3-d modeling applications. In addition to the implementat ... More
Very often the amount of goods transported from supppliers to destination points change during the transportation process. We can model such situation using the generalized flows. On the other hand, the demand at the destination points is usually not deterministic, but given as a set of random variables. This leads us to the stochastic version of the problem. In the talk we will discuss various ty ... More
In this article we present a broader theoretical framework useful in studying the properties of so-called generalized bent functions. We give the sufficient conditions (and in many cases also necessary) for generalized bent functions when these functions are represented as a linear combination of: generalized bent; Boolean bent; and a mixture of generalized bent and Boolean bent functions. In ad ... More
The shortest common superstring problem has important applications in bioinformatics, and several approaches have been proposed in the literature to find good approximations to its solutions. In this talk we survey some heuristic algorithms used to get such approximations, and present a new method based on the use of “estimation of distribution algorithms” (EDAs). (Joint work with Iker Mala ... More
Web cameras enable remote observations that can benefit to various tasks, from online collaboration to safety inspection. Advancement of technology has made another step towards improved accessible observer experience by enabling not only 2D presentation, but also stereoscopic 3D representations through head-mounted virtual reality (VR) displays such as Google cardboard. This opens up space for va ... More
In this talk results published in European Journal of Combinatorics by E.R. van Dam and D. Fon-Der-Flaass will be presented. In particular, functions on binary vector space which are far removed from linear functions in different senses will be considered comparing three existing notions: almost perfect nonlinear (APN) functions, almost bent (AB) functions, and crooked (CR) functions. Such functio ... More
Onset and offset detection of the muscle contraction is an important part of the electromyography (EMG) signal processing. It is used to find important parts of the EMG signal that are further analysed. Many methods for onset and offset detection of the muscle contraction in the EMG signal were proposed in the past. However, all these methods have limitations and/or must be used manually. Our aim ... More
The amount of motor vehicles has been increasing over the years, mostly because of the new technology in automation. Today cars are relatively cheep and accessible, which enables most of the population to own one. Motor vehicles have been around for many years and most of the traffic networks were built in the past when the frequency was not as high as today. A lot of research has been done on opt ... More
The olive fruit fly is a pest that attacks olives in olive tree plantations that results in lower quality olive oil that is produced from such olives. The presence of olive fruit fly is highly dependent on meteorological factors. Knowing in advance when the olive fruit fly will attack the olive tree plantation can enable olive oil producers (plantation owners) to take appropriate actions. The g ... More
Joining sonar (bathymetric data) and lidar data (land data) in one single high precision digital terrain model (DTM) of land and sea is relatively new procedure in Slovenia as well as in the world, especially due to the fact that precise lidar and sonar data are widely available through last decade. Its main advantage is the possibility of treating coastal zones as one entity in comparison with se ... More
Let G = (V, E) be a hypercube of dimension n, that is, |V| = 2^n where V=GF(2)^n. There is an edge between u,v in G if the Hamming distance between u and v is one, i.e., d_H(u,v)=1. A subset S of V is said to dominate G if every node in V \S is adjacent to at least one node in S. Furthermore, if no two elements in S (that dominates G) are adjacent in G, then S is called an indepen ... More
Particulate matter (PM10) is an important indicator of air pollution. PM10 particles are solid and liquid droplets smaller than 10 microns in diameter. Not only mass concentration (mass per volume), but also chemical composition may reveal environmental and health risks. One of the components whose concentration is of greater interest is black carbon. Black carbon concentration can be determined b ... More
The "entropy compression" is a term coined by Terrence Tao to describe algorithmic version of the Lovasz Local Lemma discovered recently by Robin Moser and Gabor Tardos. A basic idea is surprisingly simple and can be described as a random greedy procedure: color a given structure randomly, fixing eventual local errors by random recoloring (of just a small part of the structure where the error occu ... More
Mobile devices are becoming ever more sophisticated which makes them particularly suitable for mobile augmented reality (AR) solutions. The quality of AR libraries is improving enabling high quality implementation of novel interfaces, such as the Mag-ic Lens (ML) [1]. Yet, despite the fact that AR apps utilizing ML interaction paradigm became avail-able to a large number of users [6], it is st ... More
Cancer treatment with internal radiotherapy, which is how cervix cancer is treated, was traditionally planned using CT images, but those are being replaced with MR images due to the fact that they allow for a more accurate radiotherapy. The problem with MR images is that MR devices are either too expensive or are overused in most hospitals. Because of that the goal of our research was to translate ... More
A classic problem in algorithmic graph theory is to find shortest paths, and a common variant is the all-pairs shortest path problem (APSP). We consider non-negatively weighted APSP. Due to its simplicity and efficiency, the Floyd-Warshall algorithm is frequently used to solve APSP in practice. We propose a combination of the Floyd-Warshall algorithm with a hourglass-like tree structure, which ... More
To identify and specify trace bent functions of the form *Tr_*1^*n *(*P*(*x*)), where *P*(*x*) *∈* *GF*(2^*n*) [*x*], has been an important research topic lately. We show that an infinite class of quadratic vectorial bent functions can be specified in the univariate polynomial form as *F*(*x*) = *Tr_**k^n *(*αx^{*2^*i}*(*x *+ *x^{*2^*k}*)), where *n *= 2*k*, *i *= 0*, . . . , n **− *1, and * ... More
Public transportation services usually operate on previously determined bus – or other vehicle – lines, which connect a certain number of stations. The lines and their daily services are fixed in a timetable which provides the departure and arrival time of the trips for each line. In practice the timetable – based on travel demands and logistic decisions – is given in advance. A centr ... More
Over the last eight years Dr Mark Lochrie researchers how communities participate in mobile services, whether it be a playful nature or through more serious applications. Mark has recently begun a new challenge working at the Media Innovation Studio, UCLan. As a Creative Technologist investigating ways creative experiences, gameful design and technology can be used to generate data, encourage part ... More