16-20 June 2021
Europe/Ljubljana timezone

By plane:

There are a few airports in the vicinity, which enable good connections to Europe and beyond. Ljubljana (LJU), Trieste (TRS), Venice (VCE), Treviso (TSF), Zagreb (ZAG) and Graz (GRZ) airports are all close.

From the Airport Jože Pučnik (Brnik, Aerodrom Ljubljana) to Ljubljana we would recommend a bus or a shuttle, not a taxi.

Shuttles: http://www.lju-airport.si/en/passengers-and-visitors/getting-here/shuttle/

Buses: http://www.lju-airport.si/en/passengers-and-visitors/getting-here/bus/

From the other nearer airports (Venice, Zagreb, Graz, Trieste, etc) to Ljubljana we would recommend a shuttle.

Shuttles: https://www.goopti.com/en/



You can find more information on the following web page.