23-29 June 2019
Bled, Slovenia
Europe/Ljubljana timezone
Registration is now open.

Tentative Invited Special Sessions:

  • Association Schemes (Mikhail Muzychuk)
  • Bioinformatics (Peter Stadler)
  • Chemical graph theory (Xueliang Li)
  • Configurations (Gabor Gevay)
  • Designs (Dean Crnkovic)
  • Discrete and computational geometry (Sergio Cabello)
  • Distance-regular graphs (Štefko Miklavič)
  • Domination in graphs (Mike Henning)
  • Finite Geometries (Tamas Szonyi)
  • Games on graphs (Csilla Bujtas)
  • Graph coloring (Ingo Schiermeyer)
  • Metric Graph Theory (Ismael G. Yero)
  • Structural and algorithmic graph theory (Pierre Aboulker)
  • Spectral Graph Theory (Francesco Belardo)
  • Symmetries of graphs and maps (Marston Conder)
  • Polytopes
  • Regular maps and map symmetries
  • Structural graph theory
  • General sessions
    - Classical graph theory (matchings, connectivity, independent sets)
    - Extremal and probabilistic questions
    - Combinatorics
    - Algorithms and computation
    - Miscellaneous